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Thanks to our tools and know-how, you will be able to offer, among other things:

You will gain access to our partner base
to be able to offer your clients:

You will gain access to our partner base to be able to offer your clients:



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Below, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions regarding cooperation.

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period with a 3-month notice period. This eliminates the risk of binding the partner with our company for many years. It is possible to withdraw from the concluded contract at any time, if the partner deems that his decision was wrong. The 3-month notice period results from the need to properly prepare for the resignation process by our company, but in individual cases it is possible that this time will be shortened. The termination of the contract is completely free of charge.

Yes, the contract must be concluded between two independent economic operators.

The internet marketing industry doesn’t require any additional requirements. For this reason, you do not need any special education. However, our company emphasizes that every owner of an adsfox branch is properly trained, and that his knowledge and skills are always at the highest possible level. Therefore, you will have to undergo a series of training courses and pass several exams in order to be able to offer all of our services to your customers without losing our brand’s reputation.

Our company spends a great deal of time and money to prepare our partners for running a business, therefore we would like the partner to support us as well. Our goal is not to train companies to operate in isolation from our brand. That is why we conclude loyalty contracts for a period of 12 months, which means that the company cannot provide independent agency services for a year after the end of the contract.

You can work from anywhere in the world – all you need is a computer and access to the Internet! However, we are also looking for people who would like to run local branches.

Of course, our tools, and know-how will give you the possibility to serve companies from any country in the world. Most of our tools, however, are available in the German, English, and Polish languages.

Of course, we will help you train them and check if they are suitable to work.

We will train you in order for you to stop having such beliefs. However, if you are still not convinced, you will have the possibility to simply work with clients acquired by the owners of other branches (if they agree), or you will obtain clients from us.

Naturally, the partner must pay ongoing fees for the systematic support of a dozen or so people from our company, who are working for the success of our partners’ business activities throughout the whole duration of the contract. The fees include: business supervision, the use of our logo, marketing activities, website updates, supplying new tools, solutions, materials, etc.

The branch owner pays a fixed monthly fee of PLN 600 net per month for access to our tools as well as 20% of the revenue generated from clients acquired on your own, or 40% generated from the clients obtained from adsfox.

In the case of opening an adsfox branch – the access to our tools, worth a few million dollars, training courses worth at least a few thousand dollars and procedures, developed over the years – it may cost you 0 or 18,000 PLN. (Want to get everything for free? If we decide you qualify for the part, we may reveal a few secrets during the interview. 😊)

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to run an agency branch. Using our tools requires technical reasoning and logical thinking skills. In addition, you will need soft skills to be able to serve customers. Therefore, at the stage of your qualification, we will verify whether you are really suitable.

Working 40 hours a week, without hiring employees, you should be able to earn between PLN 8,000 and PLN 40,000. The amount of earnings depends on your commitment, as well as the dedication of your employees, if you decide to hire any.

The time in which the agency becomes profitable, depends entirely on the personal commitment of the branch owner. However, you will be able to handle your first customers immediately after passing our internal exams. Over 90% of partners record profits practically in the first month.

Of course. Our company does not limit its partners in the implementation of plans that could bring benefits to their development, provided that the activities in no way violate the franchise agreement and do not harm the brand image.

In order to establish cooperation, book a date in our calendar:

  • directly from adsfox
  • from a recommendation
  • from online campaigns, which adsfox will run for you
  • from conferences
  • from Networking groups